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Medical Coding Service in the USA

Only 44.38% of Physicians’ Offices use Certified Coders and 29.96% of medical coding companies in the USA do the Coding themselves, says MGMAStat.
Many Medical Billing and Coding companies in the USA are having challenges in staying abreast of ongoing payer requirements, including Coding, Billing, and OIG/CMS Guidelines. It is always recommended to have AAPC/AHIMA Certified Coders.
BillingMD360’s Certified AAPC Coders attend Coding/Billing-related Events and Conferences and actively participate in AAPC Forums. We are providing top-notch Medical Coding services in the USA.
  • To avoid under coding, which affects your reimbursement.
  • To mitigate the risk of CMS’s audit by meeting CMS’s Clinical Documentation and Coding guidelines.
  • To avoid CMS’s audit against over-coding and over-billing.
  • To avoid certain global Denials once for all.
  • To shorten Revenue Cycle.
  • To figure out accurate RVU based Provider Performance/Productivity
  • To quicker Patient Payments
  • To shorten AR Days.
  • To avoid billing invalid Codes.
BillingMD360 is one of the top Medical Coding outsourcing companies in the USA. And, we have been providing Coding and Documentation educations to numerous doctors on-demand.
We do provide Medical Coding as a stand-alone service too. Looking for a Medical Coding company in the USA? Please fill the inquiry form or call us today to schedule a time to speak with our Certified Coding Experts.
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