Estimate your Patients' Future Healthcare Costs with our HCC Expertise

BillingMD360 is a prominent supplier of HCC coding services on a global scale, with a pool of experienced coders, since 2006. Accurate coding for Medicare Advantage (MA) programs ensures that medical practices get clean claims. We provide thorough risk assessments and submit error-free claims with over a decade of expertise in the medical billing sector, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Many insurance companies rely on our HCC coding to give a risk adjustment factor (RAF) to patients. Insurers use the RAF score to predict the costs of delivering healthcare to patients. We provide a pool of AAPC and AHIMA certified coders who are highly trained in random chart audits, compliance medical coding methods, full recording for each diagnosis, and respective reporting to health plans.

Assign risk scores to patients based on ICD-10 coding with our experienced and reliable risk adjustment HCC coding services.

HCC Coding Services by Certified Risk Adjustment Coders

Our Services

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What We Offer

We provide comprehensive coding solutions, which include:

  • Compliance audits and in-depth chart reviews performed by AAPC certified coders
    Focused chart review/medical records
    Maximize coding accuracy and uniformity
    Adhering to official coding rules and CMS guidelines for risk adjustment reporting
    In-depth review to identify potential errors or missing diagnoses on medical records
    Assigning an appropriate HCC value to the corresponding MRA diagnosis code
    Effective audit system with higher potential that keeps our coding standards the best in the industry
    Chart audit summary reports
  • Constantly improve our coding skills through continuous learning programs
    Part C – HCC coding and RADV-focused yearly capture
    Suspect reporting on inferred/deduced diagnosis based on clinical cues
    700 K+ charts audited up-to-date.
    Certified coders ready for deployment
    Service that's always been customer-driven
    Enhanced revenue

We have an in-depth understanding of every vital aspect of HCC coding and will always deliver the most accurate services.

Opt for our risk adjustment HCC coding services and effectively estimate future health care costs for patients at an affordable price.

Highlighting Benefits

We provide comprehensive coding solutions, which include:

  • Extensive record retrieval
    Skilled team for ensuring high accuracy
    HIPAA compliant services
    Our pricing is competitive, and you save more on costs
  • Addressing a wide range of risk adjustments HCC coding requirements
    Personalized risk adjustment HCC coding solutions to meet your needs
    Strict security policies were adhered to.
    Client-oriented turnaround times

What are the Benefits Gained?

You'll always get a detailed solution that meets your requirements after we understand your requirements and goals. You can significantly benefit from our risk adjustment HCC coding solutions and get the most out of your investment.

100% Accuracy, Actionable Codes
100% Accuracy, Actionable Codes

Our team of risk management HCC coders have first-hand knowledge of numerous codes and regulations. Hence, we guarantee exceptional accuracy.

Cost-Effective Solution
Cost-Effective Solution

We provide risk adjustment HCC coding services at affordable pricing to help you increase income and streamline your operation.

Improved RAF Score
Improved RAF Score

Improved RAF ratings reveal a variety of important benefits for both the practice and the patient.

Data Security
Data Security

Being a leading risk adjustment HCC coding service provider, we ensure a top-notch data security and are HIPAA compliant.

Quick Turnaround Time
Quick Turnaround Time

Our risk adjustment HCC coding services will always be delivered on time and within your budget.

24/7 Intensive Support
24/7 Intensive Support

Our project management, sales, and marketing teams are always available by phone or email to answer your questions.

High-Quality Services
High-Quality Services

With our years of experience in risk management and HCC coding, we are always confident of delivering the best quality services.

Effective Workflow
Effective Workflow

We have an efficient process flow and employ the best approaches to achieve optimal results.

Easy Scale Services
Easy Scale Services

We have the necessary abilities to scale up the team size and service requirements as the customer requests.

Other benefits include decreased clinician workload and value-based care.

Gain a complete picture of your patient’s risk profile to improve clinical and reimbursement outcomes

How We Work?

Here in BillingMD360, our Health’s risk adjustment coders perform the below task:

  • Identify patients without documented conditions.
    Validation of medical record eligibility.
    Analyzing patient health record documents to identify reportable conditions.
    Accurately assigning ICD-10-CM codes to the respective conditions.
    Submission of ICD-10-CM codes to CMS or HHS for the purpose of reporting.
    Know all regulatory changes, adapt, and work accordingly.
    Ensures that the clinical documentation and coded claim match, in accordance with coding standards.
    Assesses denied claims’ coding and documentation and performs coding edits for claim resubmission.
    Provide accurate solutions to prevent further audits.
    Uses patients’ demographics and diagnoses to determine risk scores.
    Ensure consistency and timely revenue.

What We Solve?

  • Categorizing and grouping patient conditions for risk adjustment in payment and reimbursement models.
    Aiding in providing affordable health coverage to everyone - simple one-plan-fits-all model for everyone.
    Determining a relative measure of expenses to be incurred by the patients using their demographics and diagnoses to determine a risk score.
    Based on the assessment of the cumulative risk of each patient, predicting the health spending for a specific patient population.
    All chronic conditions are monitored and reported at least once each year, considering the specified treatments mentioned, the level of care, and the patient’s health status.
    Document and code chronic conditions being managed by practitioners.
    Documentation using M.E.A.T. concepts.
    Evaluating a patient’s complete risk profile to improve clinical and reimbursement outcomes.
    Assigning appropriate risk scores to patients based on ICD-10 coding.
    Encouraging consistency across the risk adjustment team.
    Gaining appropriate reimbursement from year to year for relative costs of care.

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